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Buff, Polish, Protect

This is the full meal deal and what we are know for.

We remove the oxidation, seal the gelcoat, buff out the window to remove water spots, give it an acid bath, polish the stainless steel and much more.

See the "what we do" section for the details.

Wash & Wax

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Add ons:

Canvas deep clean and apply protectant

Remove Boat Name

Remove pin striping

Extra chalky gelcoat

Boat for Sale Detail

Get top dollar with our ultimate service.

We'll make your 30 year old boat look like it was garage kept it's entire life.

Cabin Interior

Full on yacht interior to tiny cuddy cabin.

We will do the deep clean so you don't have to.


My name is John Wagner and I started Harbor Yacht Detail because love being around boats, the people, and to make their boats shine.

I specialize in restoring faded, chalky, oxidized gel-coat surfaces at a price way less than my competition.

My process is all synthetic – there is nothing natural or organic about it. I use industrial-strength ceramic coatings that will last about 2 to 3 years in a salty marine environment. Carnauba wax lasts about 2 months.

My process starts with the quote form above or simply give Sami a call, 253-215-9006, to get a quote and get on the schedule.


John (253) 321-1776

It’s All In The Details

This Is What We Do

Prep all surfaces:

Strip all old waxes and oils, fish guts, salt, dirt, etc.

Remove all stains on fiberglass. (this alone is amazing)

Pressure wash and clean all cubbies, fish boxes, anchor lockers, etc.

Compound to remove oxidation.

Polish to bring the shine.

Buff out windows to remove water spots and apply a coating that repels water and keeps them from spotting.

Stop the oxidation:

Oxidation is a chemical reaction caused by exposure to oxygen resulting in the loss of electrons in the gel coat. The result of oxidation is the chalking you see on the palm of your hand when you touch an unprotected boat. Sealing the gelcoat with a polymer protects the boat from oxidation.

Seal the gelcoat:

Once the surface is clean, oxidation removed, then polished, we seal the gelcoat with a synthetic ceramic coating to keep it from oxidizing and undoing all the hard work. This is key. This is basically a hard clear plastic protective coating for your boat.

For non-skid areas, we use sealers designed specifically for this purpose. They seal very well, have UV inhibitors, and are designed for people to walk on.

Polishing: Lastly we apply the final shiny glossy finish coating. This is one more layer of synthetic polymer and another layer of protection.


This process repels water, red wine, fish parts, oil-based stains, and deposits, making future cleanup quick and easy.

Shiny appeals to our aesthetic. Shiny looks like treasure. Shiny looks clean. Shiny is shiny.

We are based in Gig Harbor, WA and will drive anywhere within reason.

Call me if you want your boat to shine again.

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